Saturday, October 19, 2013

being lead

I think the thing I enjoyed the most at the Gateway Worship Conference was 'being lead' instead of leading.

I'm sure all of you can relate - leading everyday at work, or leading your family, or leading special events gets draining even when you don't realize it.  You are so continuously in the middle of planning, executing, correcting mistakes that you don't really experience the spiritual part of the service or event unless you're very, very intentional about forcing yourself to step away and 'take it in'.

I got to sit....and absorb... and take in without any distraction - but then immediately began praying for God to reveal anything He wants to change

I want to challenge each of you reading this to understand that coming to church is not about 'what you can get'  but what you do with 'what you take in'.  As a believer of Christ Jesus we gather together in order to learn and leave with teaching to APPLY and to CHANGE our lives.  And then learning what you can do to contribute to the body of Christ with your gifts and talents.  I don't think church was ever supposed to be about what you can get.

I want to live that way - working all week to prepare, coming on the weekend to learn and be with my brothers and sisters in Christ! Serving and glorifying our precious Lord!

Please - join me!!

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