Friday, June 24, 2011

no light

I am sitting at Crossroads with only the light this computer produces.  Our electric is off.

We all have so much work to accomplish today - this is discouraging to say the least.  At first there were a few isolated rooms where there was still light as well as the emergency lighting.  Our worship leaders, Dan and Milo, found that they could still rehearse for the weekend by going to the staff copy/coffee room!  Creative!

Now, however, the entire ministry is completely black.  

A faithful volunteer sat and talked by candlelight with me for about a half hour while we waited to see if lights would come back.  She grew tired of waiting and went out into the 'lit up' world beyond our doors.

No light always turns my mind toward the dark, dark world around us.  In fact I have grown more and more concerned about the darkness I see even in some of the lives of our believing friends and my own.

He calls us to be 'salt and light'...

... when literal darkness surrounds me I am confronted with the contrast between the dark and light, the difference is that of complete opposites.  That is the perfect demonstration of how much of a difference there should be between us, the King's children and those around us.  As different as night and day...literally!

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