Wednesday, June 8, 2011

one more step

Tonight as a family we took one more step into the next period of our lives.  We went with Eric (our son) apartment searching in the Columbus area.

Since I have never lived more that 25 minutes from where I grew up,  am not the best person to advise anyone on relocating! 

This next step for our family is not sad by any means because we love our new daughter in law and we love how happy she makes our son.

And really when you think about it all of our life is just one more step. Jesus asks us to follow Him, and that requires steps.  If we follow Him than all of our steps matter, even the ones that move us away from our children.  God designed the process and from day one our children step away from us.  Tonight we took some of those 'away' steps.

Where are your steps taking you?  

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