Friday, June 17, 2011

hard to recognize

Our country is becoming hard to recognize.

We are used to seeing everything easy, ridiculous wealth even among those considered needy in comparison to other countries and in relative safety.  Now people are raising up demanding to be cared for by our government, instead of caring for one another.  Even some of the sweet elderly friends I love feel 'entitled' to receive an unsustainable amount of government care.  This is frightening.

As I watch Greece rise up and strike out at anyone they think has more than they do, I wonder how far behind we can be here in the US from becoming just like them.  Not far.

Don't get me wrong, I am  not scared to die in any manner God has planned for me, but, what is troubling is that even the believers are becoming deceived, dwelling in constant fearful conversations.

I have a Greek friend whose family is still in Greece who said a month ago he sees America moving exactly in the same direction his beloved country did right before all of the violence broke out.  Tears come to his eyes as he realizes we too could be experiencing this type of violence very soon.

Friends, we should be on our knees for America, we should be the comfort those who have no hope in the Lord come running to for assurance.  This could be the greatest time in our Christian lives to be an American.

BUT, if we join in the complaining and fear then there is no difference between our faith and the hopeless around us.  There is NOTHING to fear!  God could stop this downward spiral at any time if He chose to, so we have to understand that He may allow this for America.  We should not give up praying on her behalf, but we need to seek His will - what kind of amazing opportunities will we each get as a result of potential trouble?

Now the real Christians will appear, it may not be the 'easy' to which we have become so accustomed, but it just may be a time where revival rocks the land as never before in our life time.  Remember, you were placed exactly where you are, born exactly when God planned and prepared for your life in Him - now it's time to live authentically in our troubled country!!  Charge!

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