Tuesday, June 14, 2011

what I learned today


I cannot believe how amazing vacation sounds.

Waves crashing -sea gulls crying - silent phone -  sleeping breath that moves in and out slowly, rhythmically, tired work-laden breath slowly dissipating into calmness that is gained in no other way than vacation. Some of my favorite sounds come as my hubby and I hike our 4 mile walks while talking non-stop.  There is much panting and struggle to talk above the waves.  (I am shamefully out of breath as we talk - must work on that!)  These sounds are what we have waited for.

Sounds sum up your day.  When home my work day sounds are computer keys clicking, videos playing, conversations of future plans, long conversations of problem solving, music playing and the never ending attempts at scaring me out of the middle of concentration into near heart stopping panic as my door suddenly is kicked or as I lift my eyes from my keyboard to see a distorted face staring at me through the small window in my door, just waiting for my reaction - frightening!

No matter what we are involved in the description of your day can be described in the sounds that you hear. 

I liked the sounds I hear today, but I don't dread at all the sounds of returning.  I feel so blessed to spend my life doing the work of Crossroads.  The sounds of corporate worship, and laughter and very LOUD talking in Town Square are sounds I miss even when on vacation!  Although, there are some sounds I would be happy never to hear again! 

I have decided my life is very full of really good sounds.  This week I am going to try to find a different praise for my God every single day.  Things I normally would not take the time to value or thank him for.  I challenge you to join me - no matter what your week will hold!

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