Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am back

I thought vacation meant more writing.  It didn't.

I struggled with the Internet and got kicked off so many times I finally got it through my head that maybe I was supposed to be on vacation even from writing.  So I didn't do much...

Even though I find writing to be relaxing and very important personally, it still is something that is a commitment and all ongoing commitments should be suspended for vacation I suppose.

It surprises me each time I return from being away to see how being away for just one week completely throws me off my schedule.  Blackberry or not, I feel totally discombobulated.

I am really struggling with my desire NOT to return to routine tomorrow, so we will just have to make sure it isn't just a routine!

In fact we have a great weekend waiting for us with David Barton's visit!  So let's all give it our best this week, as unto the Lord and we'll all gather together this weekend.  See you then!

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