Saturday, June 4, 2011

trying to program

I have spent time over the past few days trying to prepare to lead a programming process that will prepare a worship series for later this summer.

When doing this I watch videos, read drama, look for creative readings anything that may give me even one inspiring thought or idea.

I am usually disappointed because rarely are there many elements available to purchase or watch of high quality that fit exactly what we are trying to focus on.  But I keep trying.

Something that I found over and over on several of the most reliable sites is the question "what does worship mean to you" ....and they would go through all the scenarios such as, I like this style, I like quiet, I like hymns, I like contemporary, I, I, I, I, "what does worship mean to you".  And it struck me - it makes no differences what YOU or I think it is, worship is what God thinks it is.

If we are each truly in love with our Lord, it wouldn't matter what kind of setting we were placed in, familiar songs, loud music, historic music, contemporary readings, funny drama, serious should make no difference as long as they are Biblically based and theologically correct.  We should worship Him.

"What is worship" it should be - I am in love with God and cannot wait to express that overwhelming love for Him! Whether through music, speaking, praying, working or just living - constantly increasing in love for Him.

I recently heard someone describing a conversation they had with a Christian leader in a foreign country saying he would NEVER allow his children to visit the US until they are much older. His reason was that we have too much stuff to need or worship God.  We are too satisfied, too spoiled and too self sufficient to need Him.  I really think this is why I so often feel distant from God - it's my stuff and my schedule, I don't know that it allows for me to really know Him.

I desire Him deeply and long to know Him more.

Worship is not what we think it is or should be, it's what God deserves and what He demands of our lives.  Does your daily walk worship Him? Would other people in your daily life feel you worship with your choices and everyday life?     Really?

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Scott Stoops said...

Very wise. Not only worship but all we do is really all about him and his work in the world. All should be done so that God would be magnified in the world. All should be done out of such great love for the one who is truly worthy of complete devotion and love.

None of us lives this way perfectly but you do live it well.