Tuesday, January 19, 2010

what I learned today

I can take a hint. I haven't felt well the past two evenings so I've just been home reading and resting. Yesterday as I said I began the "Sabbath Keeping" book. Today as I studied it was about solitude, as I said, I can take a hint Lord.

I was so blown away by my study in one of Beth Moore's books today that all I am going to do in this post is quote what moved me so much- really think about this...

"Solitude is not so much the place we find answers. It's the place we find our own square foot of earth from which to grapple with heaven and decide if we're going on - possibly alone - without our answers. And many of us will. Why? Because the privilege of wrestling with such a holy and mysterious God still beats the numbness - the pitiful mediocrity - of an otherwise life. Sometimes we don't realize how real He is until we've experienced the awesomeness of His answerless Presence. He knows that what we crave far more than explanations is the unshakable conviction that He is utterly, supremely God."

So the question we must answer is, "Are you willing to be faithful, even when it means being faithful alone?"

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Pam said...

Yes, I am willing. I needed that today. Pam Ervin