Sunday, January 17, 2010

weekend report

A weekend of both reflection, prayer and fun all in one. It's funny how we think we create the services for our churches - what is obvious when the weekend comes is that God totally creates them.

We didn't know what would take place to our brothers and sisters in Haiti when we began to work on these services, but, God did. We decided to begin worship slowly and quietly this weekend. Typically we begin energetically to try to wake people up and get them involved. What we added last minute was a prayer for Haiti and instructions on how we could give to the rescue efforts. This connected seamlessly to the beginning of worship.

Fun came at the end of worship as we greeted one another and sat down to the crazy music video we shot last week (thanks to Steve Browning and Deering). This supported the introduction to Pastor Tim's new series based on Ephesians.

Deering's Diet from Steve Browning on Vimeo.

God is good!

Our Setlist:

Instrumental: (not on recording)
Announcements: Deering Dyer
Worship: Here In You Presence/Wonderful, Beautiful, Glorious
Worship: I Give You My Heart - Morgan
Praise: Love the Lord - Brewster
Praise: Lift the Name - Anderson
Special Music: our version of "Susie's Diet" with original music video
Message: Ephesians/ Deconstruction-Reconstruction Pt. 1: Tim Armstrong
Exit Special Music: Susie's Diet

To see what other ministries around the country used in their set lists go to

To watch our services go to - on Monday. (Please remember we do not mix for recording so sound is not great - I promise it's much, much better live!)

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ha! the video cracks me up. :)