Tuesday, January 5, 2010

what I learned today

"Collaboration is not a promise; it is an invitation. Hearing people does not mandate that you will always follow what they say. But it is a significant way for you to value and engage people." Nancy Ortberg

It's funny how many times the very thing I am thinking about or talking about, is the thing I end up reading about the same day! I came across the above quote from Nancy as I continued to read, "unleashing the power of rubber bands" today.

I was with my assistant this afternoon and I was telling her when I work with artists how careful I am to explain the bottom line. I try to make it clear that although I value their opinions and desperately need their creativity and suggestions, I cannot promise I will take their suggestions or that we will always use the projects we work on. This puts all of us at ease and actually makes the project more enjoyable. We create for the sake of creating and if what we do supports the teaching, or helps to enhance the services then we use the art in our services.

Collaboration is so important, but takes work to manage and requires both honesty and kindness as you explore endless possibilities together! A good reminder from Nancy today!

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