Monday, January 11, 2010

my day off

Another day of firsts! Our daughter thinks she has found her wedding dress so it's back to Columbus today for the final purchase. I thought I would be sad about 'losing' her to her husband, but, what I've discovered instead is when you have a healthy relationship with your kids you easily transition with them into the next stage. We now are closer to being on the same level and communicating better than we ever have. We are adult women when we talk now, spiritually, mentally and physically. It's been an awesome winter break.

Our son is traveling with his band and finished with 'attending' school probably for the rest of his life, so he is loving life! We are enjoying the unorthodox way he is following God's calling on his life, and admiring more and more his unconditional love and acceptance of the seekers that cross his path. We could take a lesson!

Still...I feel a completely unrelated restlessness in my spirit, deep in my spirit. It is not an unhappiness, it is not a dissatisfaction - something restless deep inside. I like to have things figured out as quickly as I can...but in this case I am curious. I am anxious in a positive way not negative...we will see...and I will keep praying for His answers. I have felt this way before, I think it might be the creative part of me, I haven't been writing or thinking creatively as much as I like to. So as my kids empty the house and I have space to think and pray, my plan is to pay close attention as God moves us into these next places and hopefully out of the restless places soon.

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