Friday, January 29, 2010

1 out of 4

I was watching the news recently and I saw a startling statistic.

They said 1 out of 4 home owners in the US now owe more on their homes then they are worth! That is horrible!

Things used to be so straight forward. People borrowed what they could repay, houses gained value as you paid on them and until recently I never heard about people just walking away from their homes instead of finishing paying it off.

Things are tough and people are scared. And those of us who personally know the Lord are the only ones that can face these times with confidence. My heart aches for my brothers and sisters who find themselves without jobs and feel like they are without hope. Believers have an opportunity more than ever before in my lifetime to be the hands and feet of Jesus to one another. It can no longer be every man for himself here in America. We need one another desperately! What can you do today to minister to those who feel hopeless - watch for God opportunities and you will find them.

One out of four..

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