Monday, January 18, 2010

my day off

I began my day off appropriately studying the new book that the Magnification team at Crossroads is studying together, Sabbath Keeping. Many things jumped out at me as I began.

One of the most amazing sentences I read was the following...
"On that day I am a disciple, not a leader. On that day I am beloved, simply beloved."

My guess is that the spirit of those who lead will respond to this statement intensely.

This is what I miss so much as a leader...just being a disciple...just being able to worship not lead. I AM His beloved - I need to live as if I believe this everyday. The book says that continuous working can make us think God's love is connected to 'what I do'.

I was created with the need to organize my week so there is time to just 'be' in Him...I am so excited to study more!

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