Saturday, January 30, 2010


As the Magnification Department continues to read "Sabbath Keeping" , I expected to be very convicted as I hesitantly agreed to read along with the group. But, what I'm finding is despite the fact that I have literally been in church since my first week of existence, I was totally unaware that sabbath even pertained to me!

I wish I had been taught this as I began my marriage. I hope to convince both of our kids to put this in practice from day one of their marriages!

One paragraph in this week's chapter struck me in particular. "When we work hard seven days a week with few breaks, we can subtly become convinced that we are earning salvation, that God's love and salvation come to us because we deserve it. THE SABBATH HELPS US KNOW EXPERIMENTALLY THAT NOTHING WE DO WILL MAKE GOD LOVE US MORE."

That is one of the most freeing statements I have ever read. I know in my head there is nothing I could ever do or need to do to earn God's approval or salvation. But to read that I can EXPERIENCE nothing I can do can earn God's approval was very freeing. It had NEVER occurred to me that I could become even more convinced of this fact by living it out. Especially by resting! That is amazing.

I can only imagine and regret how many things I have DONE in the name of Christ that has actually been the very thing that prevented me from experiencing God and reaching a greater understanding of Him.

I won't wallow in my regrets however. New, applied knowledge is a gift straight from the Savior and I'm thirsty for more!!

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