Saturday, January 2, 2010


What is it about the new year that causes us to take a look back, and in most cases consider making changes for the new year?

I guess everyone loves a new beginning...

I have a lot to finish this year. A lot to evaluate - is it worth more time investment - or should I let it die? This requires prayer. But, more than that it requires truly giving it to God - not just praying about it, but, laying my year at His feet.

I make it sound like I have earth shattering things to consider, that is not the impression I want to give you. It's just regular stuff mixed with a few new opportunities if I feel God really telling me to develop these things. They are things that take additional leadership time investment. I think my team can help other ministries - but, is that arrogant thinking or is it God's leading to reach out beyond our own Crossroad walls? A lot to decide, so I start praying again - over and over I pray. For focus, for answers, for signs from God. But, for now I'll wait and try really hard to just start organizing so room for His answers exist.

Are you preparing for God opportunities this year? Is there space in your life and your dreams?

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