Friday, January 15, 2010

economic crunch

So...I've been racking my brain to see if there might be something I could do to encourage people in this difficult economic time. Don't get too excited, I am not giving anything away~

What I thought I would try for a while is to begin the "Cheap is Good" post on Wednesdays. A place where people can share their biggest deals of the week so I can pass them on to all of you!

If you would like to send me weekly deals, coupons or ways you cut back or overcame the economic downturn, email me at this week and I'll begin to post them next Wednesday.

Bad times mean HUGE opportunities for God's children. Opportunities to share His love in practical ways. So lets get started!

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Big Daddy D said...

Here's some grocery shopping tips!

1. NEVER take your spouse with you shopping (my case it's my wife!)

2. NEVER take your child(ren) with you grocery shopping!!

3. Make a budget and stick to it!

4. Total ALL you planned purchases on a spreadsheet ahead of time and STICK TO IT!!!!!!

5. Coupons are great, but there aren't any for store brand stuff.

6. Don't be a brand snob!!!!!!!

7. Don't grocery shop when you are hungry!! HUGE mark up and expense for prepared food.

8. Look at the weekly circulars. Most are online, get the GOOD deals and "stock up" if you can.

9. Make meals from scratch instead of buying Frozen food.

10. Use up all the stuff in the back of you're cabinets and pantry, be creative!!

Also, the bigger "tight wad" either yourself or your husband should pay bills, budget, control cash etc...

Ya see, I do pay attention to Wendall!!!!! HAHAHA