Monday, January 4, 2010

my day off

I have spent the entire morning sorting out the old and putting in the new. Fitting I guess!

Throwing away:
  • old coupons
  • old food in fridge
  • old newspapers
  • old mail
Putting in:
  • new coupons into my coupons notebook
  • fresh food after grocery shopping
  • food in the crockpot for this evening's meal
  • outgoing mail to the post office dropped off
This type of re-organizing I love. It just makes the week begin better, more organized. After I go to the gym I have a stack of reading - conference opportunities, magazines and old to-do lists. Following that reading there will be more throwing away.

This new year promises to be filled with many potentially stressful personal responsibilities. I plan to talk to God a lot this year, because during stressful situations come amazing opportunities if we can view them through God - eyes. Potential life changing opportunities in 2010...that sounds like it is worth preparing well for... Happy New Year!

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