Sunday, October 25, 2009

weekend report

Great weekend coming off of the Willow Creek Small Group Conference Simulcast here at Crossroads - today we will tear our entire ministry apart in preparation for our annual Harvest Party on Wednesday! If you are within driving distance you really should be here to see the masses that attend this free event!

Pastor Tim's message answering the question of, "Don't All Religions Lead to God?" was outstanding, you can watch it at tomorrow - including downloading the transcript!

Although we had tech problems with our headsets, preventing clear video communications, our amazing volunteers pushed through and the message was clear.

My favorite line from worship this weekend was "Your kindness leads me to repentance..." I have heard this song 100 times, why this stuck out today is weird. I grew up feeling that guilt, or a harsh father figure God is what forced me toward repentance...but His kindness does...very cool private worship moment for me!

Our SetList:

Pre-Service video by one of our artists
Announcements: Joseph Gillum
New Praise Song: This Is Your Song - Tommy Walker
Praise song: Mighty To Save - Hillsong
Worship: You Are Good - Gateway
New Praise Song: God You Reign - Brewster
Praise: Let God Arise - Tomlin

Message: Don't All Religions Lead to God

Exit Song: God You Reign

You can see what other ministries around the county used in their worship services by going to Fred McKinnon's site.

God Bless Your Week!


Unknown said...

We haven't used Let God Arise in a long time. I miss it!

Marina said...

This Is Your Song - one of Tommy Walker's most singable songs for sure. We've not ever done this one. Not sure what keeps me from adding it to regular rotation. I think I'm intimidated by the amazing guitar work. Such a huge part of the song.

Lori Biddle said...

Our guitarists didn't think they could do it, but, they did!

It was still a little wordy or rhythmitically challenging for our congregation. I think it will catch on, but, not really sure.