Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yesterday I attended a funeral.

Approximately 50 other people also attended.

As I sat there I couldn't help but wonder, if I died would people come? Of course my friends and immediate family would, but, beyond that?

Have I affected people's lives enough that they would take time off of work to come? Have I impacted anyone outside my immediate circle so much that they would alter their schedule for a day to come? Who knows...

I could see cars going down surrounding streets as I sat there, busy with their lives. Oblivious to the deep loss of the family inside.

It made me wonder how many people I have passed by without a thought to what they may be going through. How many opportunities to share the life changing message of Christ - did I walk on by...

I sat with 50 people yesterday who came to pay respects and who came to say goodbye - funerals bring perspective, a renewed eternal perspective.

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