Friday, October 23, 2009

our words out there

We all have words 'out there' for all the world to hear and maybe also to see.

I recently have been questioned about a comment I made on Facebook. When I looked back at the comment I realized I didn't mean it the way it read at all.

Good grief at the very least if I'm going to throw my words 'out there' - I need to carefully examine the intent and the way it sounds before putting it 'out there'!

Friends I know that have no love lost with Facebook and other on line communities do have some legitimate concerns. Misunderstandings, unkind opinions, no face to face interaction, and the ability to make ourselves look and sound so Godly or the opposite!

So I ask myself why do I think it is important to put my words 'out there'? I don't do it because I think what I say is important.

Never in my life, NEVER, have I ever been consistent with a journal or much of anything in the area of study or writing. This blog is my first consistent endeavor. Except, I pray - my growth spiritually and the consistency of my marriage!

What I find it does is make me more aware throughout my day. Watching for something significant to happen - enjoying just a little bit more whatever I'm in the middle of - or best of all, learning more. Learning by paying closer attention, taking notes or focusing more. This is why I write. It began selfishly for me.

But...when one of you come up to me and tell me it challenged you, or you learned something or most of all the you were encouraged...I cannot describe the feeling and complete shock! So if in my own attempt at consistency you come along - well, that's just cool and I thank you so much!

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