Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is the word that my husband and I both shout out in unison as we watch Antique Roadshow.

We have no concept why anyone would want to hang on to any item that is worth a great deal, an item you would be terrified to even use! We know many people love to collect and that's great - it's just not our thing.

We yell, "sold"! meaning we would not have a moments hesitation in selling the item as the expert reveals ridiculous values on very old items!

The economy we are experiencing right now just kind of puts things in perspective. Things are only worth what someone will give you for them. What once was considered priceless is suddenly worth pennies on the dollar.

I of course have no idea what God will allow America to become, we certainly do not deserve any special favors. Regardless, I actually hope I never forget what it feels like to not be able to place my hope in money and things and the future. I think about God more, I pray for my kids more, and I try to look ahead at what the church may need to become to a struggling community.

Sold - a word that once meant only gain or prosperity, now means in some cases something done out of desperation and with a certain amount of luck.

Sold only happens when someone is buying... right now the worldly system we depend on seems to be breaking. Antiques I can live without...

I am so thankful that my hope does not rest in this world!

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