Sunday, October 11, 2009

weekend report

Pastor Tim nailed it with the launch of the new series "Answers", people were very attentive and talked about the teaching as they left today - anxious to share what they learned.

What that tells me is two things:
  1. Pastor Tim had God's anointing as he both chose the subject and as he delivered!
  2. We stayed out of the way. Many times we talk about hitting every detail and transition perfectly - the real reason this is so vital is to first of all bring God our best, but to also become invisible to the congregation. If we know our stuff and come prepared the message comes through loud and clear and we all kind of disappear!
Our Setlist:

We introduced a new song today as an opener: This is Your Song - Tommy Walker
Announcements: Stephanie McAuley
Praise: How Great Thou Art - Baloche
Worship: How Great Is Our God - (Tomlin - shortened)
Worship: Chorus only Revelation Song - New Life
Special Music: The Word Is Alive - Casting Crowns
Message: Answers Pt. 1: Isn't the Bible a Book of Myths and Fairytales? Tim Armstrong
Special Music: You Word Will Be The Last Word Tommy Walker

To watch our service go to Crossroads' site on Monday.

To see what other ministries around the country did this weekend at Fred McKinnon's site.


Anonymous said...

I love that version of How Great Thou Art. Glad to hear that you use it!

danieljohn said...

It seems I am always finding new songs from your posts, so thank you. I will be looking into "This Is Your Song" this week. Thanks again for posting!!