Monday, October 26, 2009

my day off-ish

It's another -ish day. Not quite a day off, but, laid back none the less.

We are setting up for the Harvest Party at Crossroads.

Ron is in charge of setting up the Black Light Room - turned out to be quite an undertaking! But, as soon as he is done we will be free to get outside.

What an amazing day here in Mansfield! Almost 65 they said! I love Fall in Ohio, love it!

It is funny how only after I traveled all around the country when I was first married, did I become satisfied with where we live. Beautiful area or Ohio!

We have the best of everything here; low housing costs, change of seasons, lots of relatives close by, only an hour and a half from the Great Lakes, beautiful wooded areas and state forests close by, just a lot of variety in landscapes!

I am so thankful to be right where I am, very thankful. Enjoy your day, wherever you happen to be!

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