Sunday, October 4, 2009

weekend report

We were blessed like crazy this weekend by a guest teacher Knute Larson. Knute was formerly the Sr. Pastor at the Akron Chapel for 25 years. He recently retired...sort of and blessed us by teaching this weekend.

Our setlist:

Glory To God - Fee
Announcements: Pastor Tim
Everybody Praise the Lord - Brewster
My Savior Lives - New Life
Praise To The Lord - Nobility Obliged (shortened)
Introduction of Knute Larson
Teaching: Paul's Last Word
Exit Song: Glory To God - Fee

Gotta Go get ready to host Rebecca St. James next!

To see what others did this weekend go to Fred McKinnon's site!

To watch this service on Monday, go to (we do not mix separately for recording - so not a great sound.)


Anonymous said...

Great line-up. Glory to God and My Savior Lives are 2 songs I keep meaning to teach but haven't been able to fit them in. This might be the week!

danieljohn said...

it sounds like you are busy there, but I'm betting it's great too! I echo inspiring - I really need to work Glory To God into our rotation. Thanks for sharing!