Wednesday, October 21, 2009

black and white...gray

I have really been bothered lately by families at our church that have been attending different ministries. There I said it!

In my mind church and commitment are very, very black and white. But it seems like others around me think in gray...I don't get that.

If someone truly believes that God is calling them to another ministry, I will be the first to celebrate the fact that they are so in tuned with their Heavenly Father as to discern they need to move. God does move His children from time to time - He needs to redistribute them to meet needs in other places sometimes. Occasionally we get visitors from other ministries that come to learn specific things or to be with their families, that is fine - but, we never try to recruit them away from their home ministries...never!

But, when people try to hit multiple ministries - never fully committing to any ONE - I think they rob their family of a great opportunity to witness commitment and Godly leadership.

It is not my intent to offend anyone - and this post may do that - but I grow weary of constant movement. It does none of our ministries any good and we should all be encouraging commitment.

I commit today to pray for my brothers and sisters that seem confused or torn between ministries. Please I beg you for the good of the kingdom - seek God's leading and settle your families in the place God is calling you to serve, support and grow your children. Whether that is Crossroads or not.

In attending multiple ministries you help no one, and instead you quite possibly hurt many.

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