Sunday, October 18, 2009

weekend report

Oh my -

weekend began with Pastor ill - Wendell Anderson stepped up big time! We talked afterward about the fact that although we spend so much time worrying when our changed plans - God already knows who will teach, what will be taught and who will respond. Very comforting. Even the drama - originally intended to support another service - fit like a glove to support the teaching!

We are blessed often with team members bringing food on Saturday nights to feed the worship team/tech team volunteers! Saturday was no exception - Jackie Crawfis made us some of her amazing soup and also provided Shrimp Cocktails! Who eats like that before leading worship?? We do! Very blessed!

We gathered the team like always on the stage to ask the Lord to be very present this weekend...

The services rocked! 10 first time decisions for Christ! Worship was so, so, so amazing - drama - supported the message perfectly!!

Here is our setlist:

Original video welcome
Opening Special: Nothing But The Blood -original - Milo Sgambellone
Praise: Only A God Like You - Walker
Worship: Our God Saves - Baloche
Worship: Inside Out - Hillsong
Worship: God He Reigns - Hillsong
Drama: Headaches Wilow Creek Association
Message: Answers Pt. 2: What Happens After I Die? Wendell Anderson
Call/Announcements: Bill Hill

To see what other ministries used in their service this weekend go to Fred McKinnons site.

To watch our service click here on Monday!

May God Richly Bless your Week!


danieljohn said...

Lori- great setlist and thanks for posting the pics for us to see. Looks like you have a very cool set up (stage and building).

David said...

Love how God's purposes are done regardless of our plans. Looks like a great drama too!

Anonymous said...

10 decisions! That's fantastic news!+ great song choices.