Monday, October 19, 2009


My phone died today so I was out of touch with everything going on.

When I got back on my computer I read the prayer requests from the weekend congregation. This line was at the end of one of the requests.

"I praise God that we still have a job and mostly that Jesus died for our sins"

Out of all the prayer requests I read this very simple Praise - stuck out to me...just the simplicity caught my attention. It made me remember and consider just how much every single day I should be thankful for my amazing blessings!

There is nothing that makes any problem I have disappear faster then reading other's prayer requests. The ask for help, the hope that the church holds the answer to struggles they are going through is just so genuine and in some cases the last chance for answers. But in all circumstances...

I am thankful 'mostly that Jesus died for our sins.'

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