Tuesday, July 1, 2014

what I learned today

Perhaps a more fitting title would be, What I Accepted Today…

During my time with the Lord this morning, I was distracted by all the tiny, fuzzy seeds caught in the moving air - taking them to a new destination.  I was immediately disappointed in myself that once again such a small thing distracted me.  I found it nearly impossible to get my attention back to the scriptures as I became mesmerized by their floating dance.  

Sitting a little longer a huge hawk flew high above the tree tops - with a more intentional dance then the seedlings.

It all caused me to raise my face to the heavens, with tear filled eyes worshiping a Savior who loves beautiful details and created each one.

The maticulous system of reproduction among plants is fascinating . Over and over again for the length of their life they produce seeds that either drop, get carried away by animals and birds, or blow high in the sky like the ones I watched earlier.  This evokes praise, and awe and thankfulness for a creation that calls me to look, even when I should be doing something else.

So once again, God confirmed that my soul is fed by watching what He created, and that's ok.  That's what also causes me to be fascinated by artists and musicians that everyone else considers different.  I LOVE them and have accepted that's just how God created me too.  (Hopefully not the different part so much).

Can you accept how God made you?

Can you see that if we were all the same creation wouldn't work?  The church could not work and it's ok to be who God created you to be - embrace it, own it and rejoice in it!!

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love it.