Monday, July 28, 2014

To the beach

We had the privilege of taking our Cambodian children to the Indian Ocean today.  For many of them it was the first time they've ever seen the ocean - we were so thankful we got to be the ones that showed it to them!

Today's festivities take little explanation, but I did want to say what a contrast this little one was to our rescued children.  
She sat on a low rail next to us gathering empty bottles to exchange for food.  She disappeared after we gave her all of our bottles and returned with a large piece of seafood that she sat and ate.  She was so dirty it broke our hearts - we gave her many treats and cared for her while we were there.

Our Asia's Hope kids were probably all rescued out of similar circumstances... Today seemed like a lifetime away from any lonliness or pain they knew before arriving at Asia's Hope!

A generous donar sent money along with us for sea toys!!  The kids loved them!

Aaron looked lovely in Sem's hat!

After several local, meals we opted for pizza while the children enjoyed local sea food!

Thanks to all the sponsors who donated the money that made it possible to provide the children with a sea-side seafood meal and trip to the beache!

Quite possibly one of the most precious rescued faces on earth!

While we were sitting on the beach I looked over and saw Savorn and Savy - two of the men I respect the most on earth, deep in thought.  I wondered what problem they could be solving or young life they could be discussing.  

Both Samuth and Savy, the fathers of our two Crossroads' homes are amazing men under Savorn's strong leadership.

Watching these children grow in The Lord is one of the most fulfilling parts of my life, and as I watched them eat it dawned on me in a country onlyas big as Ohio - these children could be the ones that change this Cambodian nation for Christ!  Definitely worth pouring our lives into!!

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Looks like you all had a Great time !