Tuesday, July 8, 2014

what I learned today

I've been familiar with CR for a long time since Crossroads hosts a Celebrate Recovery program each Friday evening.

But I have to admit, the world I grew up in could not be more polar opposite then what many of the members of CR have experienced.

There is no one I admire more than someone who has fought back from abuse, neglect or addiction!  How tough that must be - I can only imagine.

Today I had the privilege of reading a testimony of a recovering addict - and marveled at her amazing life now.  She may share her testimony with us soon.

While I was reading the testimony and preparing for this weekend at Crossroads -

My hubby had the opportunity today to visit a rescue organization created to rescue trafficked girls and hide them.  Locally.

In fact the lady that showed him what needs to be done in their homes, was herself kidnapped as a young girl and rescued.  She now works to save other young, innocent girls from the slavery of the sex trade.

So, as you face your problems today, as you deal with frustrating little ones, or a job that's less than satisfying, rejoice in the freedom you have!

Rejoice that Jesus chose you to be His own!

And pray for those people all around us that are slaves to abusive partnerships, addiction and worse.

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