Thursday, July 31, 2014

What does this change

I'm asking myself this evening - so I'm here in Cambodia, falling deeper in love with the children of Asia's Hope and my team members, but what does that change?

If we invest money, give up valuable time, and travel around the world - what does it change?  Does it change this largely pagan country?  Does it change these kids?  Does it change me?  

I believe our investment of time and money will have an impact in Cambodia through the children whose lives we're investing in, some day.  But it may change me more...

I can't be here and go home the same, it's impossible.

When your normal is stripped away it reveals what you fill your life with.  

And although it may not actually be something bad - it could be that you're just settling instead of investing in what may be God's best.

I guess that's my prayer this week - to discern what I should invest every moment of my life in.  To not live carelessly as if it's my life, because it's not.

If The Lord thought I was worth enduring the kind of cruel - tortured death he died, then I want to live as if I believe that.  

He has blessed me beyond anything I could have ever imagined - now I long to be a blessing to others and to spend my life loving as He loved!

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