Saturday, June 28, 2014

accomplishments? last week

Giving praise for the beautiful, gorgeous, morning.  Especially since I have a few minutes to soak it all in and to sit quietly before the pace of the day kicks in.

The last week has been productive despite a full day at Cedar Point.

Looking back at the week I'm asking myself what was the biggest accomplishment and what was a waste of time?

My biggest accomplishment...hmmmm

I've been sitting here for 15 minutes and I can't decide.

- Praying for our Elders as they prepare to review candidates - for God's eyes and discernment
-a big hug for someone I've been praying for
-Intentional - specific thank-yous to several people that worked really hard on projects
-Expressing my thanks for getting to be part of the leadership team I'm serving on

There were also projects completed and new guests secured for Crossroads - but I feel that the above are more important.

Relationships - building into lives - mentoring those younger then we are, these are what's most important to me...

On the other hand - what did I do that was a waste of time?  It's only fair to honestly evaluate that as well.

-On my computer too much
-Worrying about a couple of issues...the worry didn't accomplish anything beyond saying the the Lord, "I don't trust you - let me handle this!"    A total waste of valuable time - and worrying  of course hurts only me!
-talking too much instead of REALLY listening

It's easier to list the negative instead of the positive.

With the Lord's help - I'll learn through the careful examination of my past my week, moving forward as I anticipate and enjoy the honor of directing the services this weekend @ Crossroads - preparing to say goodbye to one of my best friends - Deering.   I've just about had all the goodbyes I can take!

What did you accomplish this week?

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