Monday, July 14, 2014

weekend report

How has another weekend come and gone already?   I swear I feel like I just get a handle on all the details and preparation required and before I even 'fully participate and take it in' - it's gone.

I always sit through our Saturday night service so that if any adjustments needs to be made to the length of the service or something needs added we can do that for Sunday... as I walked down the back-hallway to speak with our interim pastor at the end of the final service, and heard applause in the auditorium,  I became overwhelmed with thankfulness to our faithful Crossroads attendees for encouraging the efforts of all involved in the services and support ministries of Crossroads.  Applause = thank you!

Even though there is a strong sense that we know 'who we are' and 'what we're about' - in this time of transition it could be possible if we take our eyes off of Him - that we could try to make the ministry about what we like - our personal preferences.   Instead it's perhaps more important than ever before to know who God's called us to be to our community and to the Body of Christ that worship here.

My hubby talked to a family this weekend that left Crossroads for a season to support another local pastor - they are back and their time away helped them to return fully committed to the importance of expository teaching and a strong direction in ministry.  It seems weekly the Lord provides at least one story of encouragement telling us that even in this transitional time - people recognize our commitment not to change directions, and to support the fact that the Lord moved Pastor Tim to a place He needed him more - AND that He also knows exactly who He needs at Crossroads now.

Our setlist:

Announcements on video:  We've been using younger people predominately on our video announcements - but, this weekend I asked tech guys to include one of my favorite 'older ladies', Nadine and she nailed it!  I got so many compliments about using her - she's a rock-star!

Jesus Paid It All - took our congregation into passionate authentic worship…so strong!

Lay Me Down - Passion
We Believe - Life Worship
From the Inside Out - Hillsong
Jesus Paid It All - Passion

Message:  A Living Hope: Beyond Temptation - Interim Pastor Brian Boone

Exit Song:  From the Inside Out

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Have an amazing God-filled week!!  Praise Him!

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