Saturday, August 2, 2014

Far away

There are many places, hidden places far away from everything in Cambodia!  Today we found one of those places when we went with a local pastor to a place our bus could not go.

Some of these elderly people were here when the country was ravished by the ruthless Khmer Rouge soldiers.  We saw many without limbs and haunted eyes - and behind those eyes possibly stories of things that they witnessed long ago...stories we will never hear.

But, there is news - the good news of Jesus, salvation from the evil agenda of men!  The new soldiers in this country are the soldiers proclaiming His truth and providing escape from their past.

These are the images we saw as we gave each family money for rice, balls for the children and some clothing - among which were athletic jerseys from Lexington High School that we carried around the world to give away!
This is the path we hiked to a remote village.  

Before giving them out we prayed with the people and were given opportunity to tell them the news of Jesus by Greg through Samuth our amazing interpreter !  

We pray the love of Jesus Christ sinks deep into their souls and creates an insatiable desire to know more about Him!

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