Monday, June 2, 2014

weekend report

Running a little behind on the weekend report!

It was so good this weekend to be at Crossroads!   The worship completely drew you in and Wendell's teaching was immediately applicable to our lives!  I was proud and thankful for my church family and all the work that went into this weekend across the entire ministry!
These are my brothers and sisters in Christ - leading us to the thrown!

As our pastor was called away to serve another amazing ministry just a couple weeks ago, I worried that we might become fragmented or individually focused, but what has happened instead is a God-movement among the staff and congregation.  Everyone stepping together into the next chapter of Crossroads, united and committed to the Lord!   So encouraging and exciting to watch!

All that to say the weekend was great!

Our setlist:

We began the service with a portion of Gateway's Forever Yours video

Forever Yours
Be Lifted Higher
The Whole Earth

announcements - Deering Dyer

Greater - Mercy Me

Message:  Heaven Is For Real - Wendell Anderson

Exit Song:  Revelation Song

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Gotta go, working on the details for next weekend!  Have a blessed week!

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