Thursday, June 26, 2014


I was recently reading a leadership article that said the number one trait all great leaders learn to
embrace is discomfort.

Just what I want to embrace!  NOT!

It made me laugh at myself as I look at the lengths at which I'm willing to go to avoid discomfort many times.  It certainly doesn't come naturally to desire discomfort, but I can understand how it could become easier if you 'lean into it' as the article says.

If I would just immediately confront and lay it out there (kindly of course), when I KNOW a volunteer would be a better fit in another area of ministry than my department - it would allow them to be successful in an area they are truly gifted for!

If I would face the discipline of consistently eating well and exercising-  I would have more stamina and be much stronger.

If I faced a tough job immediately with no delay it would be behind me before I knew it.

I could list one thing after another - you get the point.

God talks extensively about testing and trials and the maturity that can be accomplished no other way, so I guess it's time to face it.  Life isn't a bed of roses and the best things, the most enduring things come at a cost.

It costs me my comfort, a cost worth paying.

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Unknown said...

Just like the discomfort of 20 some hours of plane ride is worth one smile from my little girl!