Tuesday, June 10, 2014

my day off

I started my day off for the first time in a long time - reading and enjoying myself in my happy place… my deck.  It's nothing fancy, kind of unfinished, probably not to code - but it makes me very, very happy.

When people try to tell me something important, I always ask them if they'll text it to me or write it down - I'm very visual!  So sitting in God's green nature fills me up with Him as I write and read about Him and His plan for me!

The only negative is while I'm 'sitting' here getting filled up, my hubby is riding bikes with guys getting 'trimmed' up…oh well, I'm sure what I'm doing is far more important…  (yeah right).    A little pudge on a happy wife doesn't matter so much I suspect!

It's funny the things God brings to mind when you empty it of worry, and planning, and evaluating…  rest, learning more about Him and praying for those I know that desperately need healing or relief from pain…unselfish things fill my mind here.  And so I celebrate a day off by resting and thanking Him for all He's given me!

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