Monday, June 23, 2014

my day off

For a 3rd Monday in a row - I'm on my deck!  So thankful!

Just read these words on one of my favorite bloggers site  - "The Power of Pondering"...  and that's what I'm doing right now - following an 11 hour work day yesterday - I sit and I Ponder!  How good!!

My pondering brings me to a remembrance of something that literally stopped me dead in my tracks yesterday.

All I was doing was walking from Crossroads to Kroger to pick up some lunch items for my video team (we stayed and shot another Mayhem commercial yesterday), and the Lord chose that moment to reveal bitterness in my life.  I stopped walking and felt tears come to my eyes!  A revelation from the Lord is no mystical experience, nothing scary or magical - it's simply a moment when He actually has your attention so He exposes something you're wrong about.

The only part you play in the whole thing is whether you're teachable, willing to repent and WILLING be RELEASED from it.   The reason the Lord wants us to repent is so we can live in FREEDOM from what bothers us, torments us - His love is not withheld until we release it, there's not this big punishment coming if we don't repent - He reveals it so we can live in harmony and freedom from the burden of sin!!!!

He knew my heart was longing for freedom from caring about this trivial thing I was hanging on to.  And also in that instant He reminded me I'm to PRAY for my enemies - not hate them.  And so I did.

Today I have prayed a second day for them - and am beginning to see the massive rock of annoyance I've been foolish to waste even 1 minute controlled by the enemy.  HE LOVES to distract us from the Lord!

So from my deck I encourage you all today - spend a little time pondering and make your heart open and invite God to reveal whatever He chooses!

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