Wednesday, June 4, 2014

waited a long time for this

Today ended a long time of dreaming, hoping, praying and recruiting, as we welcomed our first 3 summer College Interns to Crossroads - and from what I see now - it's going to be a really great summer!

Rick Muchow once told me, adding interns to a ministry requires full-time supervision.  Not because interns are difficult or irresponsible, just because they have to be kept busy!    It's already been a learning experience for me - but, I've loved every conversation, every plan, every bit of the journey to get them here.  My prayer and dream for Crossroads is that we have piles of applications for interns from all over the country asking to spend their summers at Crossroads!

Meet Tyler, Denae and Ben!

Arnie had them backstage learning how the stage is wired for sound!

From left to right:  Tyler Garden, Ben Stuckey, Denae Lawrence
Eric Biddle Sr. High Pastor - photo bombed upfront!

Our Interns, Eric and students leading the Wednesday night Student Ministry service!
Tyler Garden comes to us from Asbury University,  our own Ben Stuckey is at Taylor University and Denae Lawrence is attending Mt. Vernon University.   Please welcome them to Crossroads this weekend when you see them around.  Ben will be on the main stage!

God's plan is moving forward, our ministry is changing and these students bring with them energy, excellent training and a love of serving the Lord!  God is so good!

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