Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I haven't had even a couple of minutes to write recently.   I'm sure it means I'm not managing my time well, but here I am!

I've been occupied by many things including being concerned by several people around me that have been ill recently.  One seriously ill, the others more 'regular' sick.

In thinking about them and what they're going through, I'm not sure if anything brings focus and inner reflection like illness does.

The most serious thing I've ever had to deal with were the 2 night-time seizures I had over the past 3+ years.  The only residual effect they had was my friends lecturing me about going to bed earlier and avoiding stress, waking up with a chewed tongue and being confused for a few minutes.  (wait, actually that's a daily thing!  ha ha)

I cannot imagine what it's like to go through illness that's life threatening!

I would think it is completely consuming as if life stands still - takes a time-out, while you watch the goings-on from a far.  Being around it should bring perspective to those of us watching - revealing how we should spend our precious few years here on earth.  And forcing an evaluation of how our time is being spent.

Looking at my day as I sit on my deck I wonder what was eternal about it?

My determination to try to the best of my ability to prioritize my days to reflect that God is first place in my life - as if His existence is the driving force behind my choices is renewed once again as I think about my friends and pray for them.

I would love to not only trust Him each day, but actually, completely ABIDE in Him.  So I leave you tonight and plan to study about abiding…what does that look like and require - and am I capable of it?

If you too study about how to live a life of abiding completely in Him - please comment and share the information you find with all of us!  Let's learn together as we do this life together!

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