Sunday, March 30, 2014

weekend report

Eric was the worship leader this weekend!
Where do I begin…

Crossroads started the practice of using our youth band every time there is a 5th weekend.  It's become something our congregation really looks forward to, and this weekend was no exception!

Our adult worship guys, work with one of our student ministry pastors and our youth worship team to help them prepare for 5th weekend on the main stage.  But, it's truly lead by them - not our main guys.  This serves SO many purposes - it communicates to our youth that we value them as a current part of the ministry.  It teaches them commitment as we hold multiple rehearsals, and it allows our congregation to be lead and hear from different leaders.  It demonstrates a vibrance, an alive-ness in our ministry in addition to our excellent adults praise teams.

The other thing we do is allow the teens to serve in all of our tech areas!   It was excellent!

Our CG operator , Lizzie for the weekend!

Video directing behind the scenes with Blueberry
Running sound is serious business - Tim and Alex!

Wesley running lighting and our fog machine!
(not pictured here were our youth camera operators too - sadly I'm not sure I have pictures!)

You can watch our services tomorrow at !

Our Service:

We began with one of our youth recorded doing our announcements!  She was great too!

Our Chairman of the Elder Board, Mike Sloan, then gave an update on our pastor search.

The band began playing under Mike's prayer and another student came to the stage reciting 'spoken word' pieces he had written!  It was great!

Spoken Word
Whom Shall I Fear
Spoken Word within Stronger
You Won't Relent
Message:  The Gospel of John Pt. 11 - Senior Pastor Tim Armstrong
Exit Song:  Stronger (shortened)

Powerful spoken word by Bailey!
You won't relent - amazing lead by Emily!
Hannah and Hendrick covered keyboards!
A fantastic praise team!

To see what other ministries used in their worship services you can go to

Thanks to all the parents that faithfully bring your students to Crossroads, we NEED them so much!

Have a blessed week!

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