Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our last full day

Today is our last full day in Battambang - and everything Ohio State is all the rage!  As I write this I hear Script Ohio playing in the background - hilarious!

We will be eating with BB7 tonight, so prior to that it's hang out time with the kids of BB3.  

We've had competitive UNO tournaments and listened to the musicians that are in Jocelyn and Aaron's music composition class.  I found myself in tears listening to one of the original songs dispute the fact that I didn't understand the words.  I found out later he was singing about Jesus dying on the cross and rising again.  Funny how music from the pure hearts of rescued orphans communicates despite language barriers!

Mostly we just loved the kids- 

At lunch time the team was generous enough to allow us to celebrate the birthday we missed with Aaron a few weeks ago and Jocelyn's birthday that we'll miss one day after return home - it was fun to give them th gifts we brought as well as the ones their friends sent with us for them, including birthday cards from the youth group girls at Crossroads!

We'll post pictures from our feast at BB7 at dinner tonight - until then I pray that your Tuesday is amazing and filled with God's love!  

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