Monday, March 24, 2014

My day off

As Vern and I sit down this morning for devotions,  I look around me and give thanks for the sunshine first of all but also for another calm morning.  The sunshine, however, reveals things I didn't know was there unfortunately!

Trying to look out and enjoy the sun requires looking through the winter scarred glass revealing work that needs to be done.  Windows need to be cleaned, woodwork needs to be dusted and the list goes on and on.

With Pastor Tim announcing he's accepted the Chapel position, it's forced me to look closely at myself in much the same way I'm looking at my house.

We have a great working relationship and have settled into a 'this is my responsibility - this is your responsibility' daily work schedule.  With that ending all of us have to 'redefine' our responsibilities to a certain extent and evaluate what we're not doing well.  That's difficult to be honest about and sometimes nearly impossible to even see yourself as you really are, but it's a huge opportunity to grow and change with the Lord's help!  Not comfortable but necessary.  I've asked The Lord to reveal that to me.

My greatest responsibility through this time will be to stay in the Word and to bathe myself and Crossroads in constant prayer.

So just as I see things that need to be done here at home - my ministry work will be under much scrutiny, mostly from myself and I honestly ask for it from The Lord most of all.

Now it's time to start 'doing' something about the mess I see around me - what kind of mess are you attending to today?  

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