Monday, March 10, 2014

home again

We are home again.  So once again we are trying to get back into a routine. 

In some ways I don't want to get back into a routine - I liked our disrupted routine that found us in Cambodia the past 2 weeks.  I liked seeing our daughter and son-in-law and loving on rescued children, and giving them gifts and listening to plans for the future and dreaming dreams that can only be accomplished by God.

So now back home I want to still have God dreams.

I've returned home longing for a God restored country - saddened by the fact that we seem to be stepping further and further from God.  I've returned burdened to pray for the US like never before.  It was interesting hearing reports about the US from other countries' perspective.   I've been praying for our leaders, asking God to reveal Himself to them.  I've been praying for revival and that people will realize that we have an amazing country - that's it's worth working hard and valuing the freedom that we have and fighting for it.  But most of all I want to pray because I am burdened for them to know my Savior - not so that I can remain comfortable in my 'plenty' and convenience.

As we heard reports about Russia and the Ukraine I listened and prayed for both countries as well.  Even though I cared for those people I didn't know, it didn't really become real to me until I was looking at my blog stats...

People in Ukraine read my blog.

It stopped me in my tracks.  How in the world would anyone over there read my blog?  I longed to see who it was - to talk with them - to pray with them.  It made that country and their conflict seem so much more real.

Again as I write, I am humbled by the fact that these words are read.  It makes me even more committed to cover them in prayer so that these can be words from experiences God gives me and allows me to share. 

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Chris said...

Glad to have you back on the SS Crossroads!