Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our last devotions

Our last devotions

Cambodia,I John 5:14-15,hope,Matthew 21:21-22

Hard to believe it's our final devotions with Jocelyn and Aaron... Such conflicting feelings 

Our teaching today is on the discipline of HOPE.

  We talked about the fact that we left a lot of our burdens and conflict behind and now we face going back home...

We can choose to hold onto things and remain in hopelessness or cling to hope.

Psalm 55:22.  The promise of sustaining hope in The Lord!  Our burdens were never mine in the first place.

It's always an issue of a lack of trust in The Lord or in the body of Christ.

I John 5:14 & 15.  Confidence in Him .  To pray is to change.

Matthew 21:21&22

Nothing could ever be too bad to take to God.   Anxiety is not even mine to bare.

Jocelyn said , " my greatest opportunity to share Christ here is the hope The Lord offers.  They are a hopeless society who for the most part chooses not to move out of their hopelessness because they know no alternative,"

This has been a profound experience!  Life changing.  

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