Monday, March 3, 2014


Guidance is the disciple we are studying as we begin our last full day in Battambang.

If the body of Christ submitted to one another praying for the best for one another, we would be able to see how God intended for us to live as one body.   The U.S. struggles with submission to the body of Christ.

I Corinthinas 12:12-26. We came to Cambodia and our world back home continued just fine without us - every member is equally important.

Romans 12:3-5...what The Lord has assigned to you...

"No one can hear the entire will of God in Isolation from one another in the body of Christ". If we sat on one side of a circle and looked at something in the middle our perspective would be completely different than someone on the other side of the circle.  Just because someone else's perspective is different it doesn't make the other person's perspective wrong.  We will never have a total understanding of the central object unless we value the persons' description "perspective" about what they see.

When the body of Christ sends you, the encouraging support will continue.

A great devotional explaining our differences and the desperate need to live in submission to one another!

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