Friday, March 14, 2014

today's new things

Today held some new things.

Although severely distracted by the past few days, there was work to be done, meetings to attend, new plans to begin working on and an interview with our first summer intern!

The day began reviewing comments our congregation had made since Pastor Tim's resignation letter was sent out yesterday.  I have never been more proud of my church!  Despite the huge personal loss they feel,  everyone cares desperately about furthering the kingdom and the opportunity Pastor Tim will have to do just that in Akron,  and so the supportive comments were posted and shared and celebrated!

I left our meetings encouraged today, plans for the rest of the year and exciting new things.  One new thing is the launch of our summer college intern program.  I met with the first intern from Mt. Vernon Nazarene today.  She is a worship major and will serve on our praise team as well as worship in the Student Ministry department.  How exciting to bring in young college students to Crossroads!

Building into young Christian adults - providing valuable ministry experience to students as they finish their education and prepare to go out to churches to begin their ministry careers is very exciting to me!

Please pray with me as we move forward - here we go!

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