Thursday, March 20, 2014


Tonight as my husband and I ate dinner at a local resturant, I looked around and watched the married couples around us.

One couple that looked slightly older than us, hardly looked at one another.  Focusing only on their food and what other people walking by were doing.

Right beside us was a young married couple with a very young daughter.  Although they looked happy, they seemed tired and bored focusing most of their talk toward their daughter.  The wife was a beautiful girl and I wondered what they were like when they first met.  I wondered if they could remember the early days when they could hardly bare to be apart and how exciting their early marriage was?

Looking back at the older couple - it just looked like they totally had come to take one another for granted, as if they assumed the other would always be there.  

Looking at my hubby I sincerely gave thanks to the Lord for him, and watching him wondered if in our 36th year of marriage - did we take one another for granted?  I don't want to, ever!

The pain that I see many couples cause one another is beyond my understanding.  I often see a very deep loneliness even in the middle of marriage.   If your spouse does not get appreciation and kindness from you - they will search for it some where else.

The thing that I hear that bothers me the most when I watch couples, is the tone of voice couples often use with one another.  A voice that sounds aggravated and impatient.  And then when they speak to someone other then their spouse, their voice is full of understanding and calm.  So sad to hear.  I pray the Lord will help me to never sound this way toward Ron although I am sure I have.

Lord, give me fresh eyes to see my marriage as you do.  To cherish it and my husband always.  To protect it by being unselfish and kind and loving.  Use it as a testimony to your sustaining protection always.  Amen.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this lori, sometimes you forget, it gets lost the reasons we fell in love and got married.