Monday, September 30, 2013

my day off

It's been a long time since we've taken even a couple of days to get out of town with our family.

It's perfect - everyone can do exactly as they please!  Bicycle or walk to the beach, drive to the pier to fish, walk to DQ or simply sit and watch baseball on TV.  A great change from regular.

Nothing spectacular, but spectacular is not what we require so it's perfect.

The main goal is simply to enjoy our time together - taking in every moment, breathing deeply and moving slowly.  There's no guarantee how many times together any of us have - so I'm determined to create those times.  A good strategy which fits our lives is to do multiple 3 day outings - requiring us not to be away too long and not to use our vacation time all up at one time.

The pictures say the rest, and there will be more pictures - we're leaving for dinner soon which is always an adventure with my family, we will see.

a welcome to Huron!

no offense intended - but, this is the cutes grandson on earth

taking to grandpa

family at the lake

my dad

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