Thursday, September 26, 2013

leading worship

I oversee the area of worship and anything that falls under Creative Arts at Crossroads.

Tonight I got to watch something I never thought I'd get to see, my son leading worship with a team of students at Crossroads.  Our student ministry band leads this weekend and I cannot wait.

I've watched our son Eric move through school singing and playing instruments.  In sixth grade at Mansfield Christian was his first public performance with a band and the rest is history...

He's been in several bands and always involved in a youth group or college group leading and always faithfully following the Lord.  And now this weekend - I get to watch him lead us with the help of very talented students and one of our worship leaders, Milo.

My thankfulness continues from last night's blog and I dedicate myself anew to ministry as I praise Him for His sustaining grace and protection.  And I'm more hopeful then ever before that under the strong worship leadership of Dan and Milo and Steve and Arnie in the tech area - that we will get to invest in, and train up the next generation of leadership at Crossroads!  A blessing beyond description!

You will love the students this weekend - they're walking with the Lord when they could be involved in things of the world - and it is such a huge blessing to Crossroads!

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